iContact.com Review

icontact.com e-mail marketing service review

Your Reliable Partner in Email Marketing

Ever since I switched to www.icontact.com for my email marketing service I haven’t had to even think about turning to any of the other email marketing services on the marker. I still remember that very special day when I ran across their information when I was searching for email marketing services reviews. Theirs just stood about among the rest so many customers had said that they had the best email marketing service on the web so I just had to check out their website and I am so glad that I did. Out of all of the email marketing service providers that I had checked out in the past www.icontact.com was far better than them. What I liked about them the most was how they had very reasonable prices and they even offered bulk email marketing services.

They were very easy to get started with and they even have multiple ways to contact them such as live chat, email and via telephone. The customer services representatives were very friendly and they went over everything that I had questions about including, but not limited to, direct email marketing services, email marketing service s software, opt in email marketing services, and even email marketing systems. Not once did they become rude with me or lose their patience because of all the questions that I had for them.

The only thing that I wish they included in their services would be email marketing newsletters. Some of the other email marketing companies that I had checked with offered this but their prices were just a little too expensive for me. With www.icontact.com they offer affordable email marketing and they even have free email marketing available as well. I have to say this is the best email marketing program that I have come across in all of my time. Their reviews definitely were not lying.

I have recommended them too many of my friends and they all have loved their services and have been up to come up with an amazing email marketing list. I can see this company being one that will be around for a long time. However, I do feel that they need to do more advertising because it was my pure luck that I ran across their reviews. Besides, they will have no problems getting customers as long as they keep offering their 30 day free trial service. Everyone loves to try things out before they purchase them.