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Your Email Marketing Helper – Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is considered by most to be the best email marketing service on the market right now. Even people who have no clue what an email marketing service is would agree to this because mail chimp is the most recognized of the email marketing services and they also probably have the most email marketing services reviews as well. If one does not know the mail chimp name from hearing it around you can guarantee that they do not know about any of the other email marketing companies either.

I have been with since 2005 and I have no complaints at all about their email marketing systems. I am actually thrilled that they have managed to stay around this long and I have been able to watch them grow and develop into a more powerful and successful business. When I first decided to check out mail chimp I was rather clueless to the whole email marketing services software and things of that nature. However, after talking to one of the friendly customers service representative I was able to understand what everything dealing with email marketing was including, yet not limited to, bulk email marketing services, direct email marketing services, opt in email marketing services, email marketing programs in general, email marketing lists, free email marketing and even email marketing newsletters.

The best thing about mail chimp was it was very affordable email marketing and after everything I had just learned I felt that it was an opportunity that I just did not want to give up. Even though over the years many other email marketing service providers have tried to persuade me to switch to their services never have I been unfaithful to and nor do I plan to either. I am very happy with their services and I feel like family with them. I adore their cute logo and the fact that they don’t mind being different. Besides, sometimes different can be a good thing, especially when it comes to

Overall, I recommend mail chimp to anyone who feels that they need to switch their email marketing service. Take one look at all of the great features they have available on their website and you will know why instantly. Mail chimp has been around for a while however they have been able to adjust with society just like anything else. I think this is what I like the best about mail chimp.