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E Mercury gets my vote every time when it comes to the best email marketing service. This is because when I first arrived at I was greeted by a live chat agent who was ready to answer any and all of my questions before I even had the time to take a look around the website. That right there is a big turn on for me: that’s what I call good customer service. All the other email marketing providers I was considering did not have this feature so they were immediately deductive of some points in my mind.

I knew I had made the right choice signing with this email marketing service as soon as I started by chat session. She told me about all of their great features and how they offered bulk email marketing services at an unusually affordable price when it comes to the email marketing industry and I was sold. Those were the two things that I was looking for right there. I am no fool I know when you come across affordable email marketing and a trusted company you better jump on the deal before someone else beats you to it.

E Mercury has been in the email marketing business since 2005 and they have obtained a lot of regular customers in just the short amount of time that they have been operating. Then to top it off E Mercury actually has a unique meaning behind it that relates to roman mythology. This was yet another turn on for me because other email marketing companies just have these names that have no meaning behind them. So, I feel if the company has a name that doesn’t mean anything useful then they probably do not provide quality work. It doesn’t take that much time to come up with a good business name so if they couldn’t put the time and energy into that how can I expect them to be able to handle my email marketing needs? Trust me when I say some of the email marketing systems out there have no clue as to what easy terms are such as direct email marketing services and opt in email marketing services. So, now that I have found I do not plan on going anywhere until the day that they decide they will no longer be providing email marketing services which I hope is no time soon.