Exclusive E-mail Marketing Services from Elite E Mail – eliteemail.com Review

eliteemail.com e-mail marketing service review

I have just started using Elite E Mail and currently I can say that I am satisfied with their email marketing services. I switched to them when my old email marketing service decided that they no longer wanted to provide bulk email marketing services or opt in email marketing services. Out of all of the email marketing service reviews that I had ran across Elite E Mail seemed that it would be the best email marketing service for me. Other email marketing service providers that offered everything that I needed either seemed too shady or their prices were very expensive.

When I first came to www.eliteemail.com I liked the fact how they do not try to tie you down into a contract and they still have some of the best prices around. Then another wonderful feature they have is their affiliate marketing program. A lot of other email marketing services do not have anything like this available. Actually, I think when I saw that on their website that is how I knew that I had to deal with this company because a lot of my associates were also looking for a new affordable email marketing service since our past company had shut down.

With Elite E Mail they just stand out from the rest of the email marketing companies. When you first start with them they even offer free email marketing so you can try out their services before you spend any money at all. The only thing that I do miss from my old email marketing program is the daily email marketing newsletter but www.eliteemail.com has tons of other things that keep my mind off of that.

Many of my friends are enjoying their services as well because other companies they were considering claimed their had a free trial yet in order for them to try their services they first had to enter their credit card number and download email marketing services software.  They see that with www.eliteemail.com this is never the case. When they say you try their services for free you really do actually try them for free.

Anyone who is considering email marketing systems should definitely look into this one. They can handle all your email marketing needs even down to direct email marketing services and email marketing lists. Also, they have excellent customer service representatives that always are polite on the phone and make sure that all of your issues get resolved.