E-mail Marketing from Mailigen – Review of mailigen.com

mailigen.com e-mail marketing service review

Mailigen is one of the email marketing services that I have tried out. Overall they have a great email marketing service but I was able to find another bulk email marketing service that was more affordable for me. Mailigen does offer a free email marketing trial for new customers yet it does not include all of the features that you will have once you become and actual member. Some people even think that they have affordable email marketing but there are other email marketing companies that have prices that are lower than theirs.

When I first came across www.mailigen.com I was a little turned off at first because their website is not easy to navigate at all. They just seem to have so much going on which makes it kind of hard to focus. When you are on their website you really have to give it your full attention so you will be able to locate the services that they provide. I know I spent at least an hour trying to find out whether or not they offered bulk email services, direct email marketing services, email marketing services software, opt in email marketing services and email marketing newsletters.

When I was finally able to get their website mastered I saw they were indeed one of the best email marketing services like the email marketing services reviews had hinted yet many customers may not want to spend all that time trying to figure out whether or not that email marketing program is what they make it seem like it is. Also, in the beginning I felt that they were an affordable email marketing service but of course when you check out other email marketing systems you can see there are other alternatives that have cheaper prices. However, while I was with them I did enjoy all of their features including their email marketing list. Just with the economy being the way that it is today I always like to check around to insure that I am getting the most out of my money.

I can say that their customer support team is very friendly and they always made sure that whenever I had a problem they helped me work through it. This is actually one of the things that I miss the most about them because my current company seems that they could care less. I have even had some of the representatives hang up on me yet with www.mailigen.com I never had this problem; not even once.