E-mail Marketing from Mad Mimi) – madmimi.com Review

madmimi.com e-mail marketing service review

This is probably going to sound pretty silly but the reason I started using www.madmimi.com for my email marketing services was because I just loved the look of their website. When I came across their email marketing service I did not know whether or not they had bulk email marketing services, direct email marketing services, email marketing services software, opt in email marketing services, email marketing newsletters or free email marketing. I didn’t even know if they were and affordable email marketing company all I knew was that their site was very attractive and I wanted to be a part of it. However, in the end I am glad that I chose to deal with this company and not some of those other email marketing companies that I hear people talk about in email marketing services reviews.

When I contacted Mad Mimi they were very chipper and ready to answer my questions. I kind of had a feeling they would be based on the way they have their website designed. From talking to one of their representatives I was able to see right away that they were not like the other email marketing service providers. Their email marketing program was something that they truly cared about they were not just in this for the money. They didn’t even care if they were named the best email marketing service or not as long as their customers were happy.

Since I am a person who needs things literally explained to me in detail I found it difficult to see how their email marketing systems worked. However, I was not in the blind for long the nice representative went over everything in detail with me with no attitude or rudeness in her voice the whole time. While talking to her I did suggest that maybe they be more detailed on their website so when people like myself do take and interested in their services we can have a better time understand how they whole email marketing list ad things of that nature work.

Currently, I let them handle everything when it comes to my email marketing and they have not let me down yet. Matter of fact I am quite impressed with the amount of business they have gotten sent my way. My friends always rave about their email marketing companies now it is my time to rave about mine. I feel that www.madmimi.com is the best on the market and anyone in need of these types of services should give them a try.