Review of email marketing service Overview

Dot Mailer is said to be one of the easiest email marketing services to use that is primarily based out of the UK. Not to mention the fact that they are also members of various groups throughout the web and they have even received quite a few awards for being the best email marketing service. Also, makes it easy for their customers to communicate with them and learn more about their email marketing service by connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook. So far people are even saying they are one of the affordable email marketing companies.

Dot Mailer Main Features

Dot Mailer has a lot of features that come included with their email marketing service. Some of the email marketing services reviews is even calling them the best email marketing service. Main features that you have to look forward to include, but are not limited to, data management, create your own campaign, test your campaigns, send your campaigns, and SMS campaigns. When thinking about it you will see that these are all of the features you desire from your reliable email marketing service. PROS

Dot Mailer is one of the email marketing services providers that you will want consider dealing with when it comes to bulk email marketing services due to the fact that their pros outweigh their cons. For example, has multiple packages for you to choose from when you are thinking about using their email marketing service. Some of their packages even come with select unlimited features. Ideally both small and large businesses can use them for their direct email marketing services because packages were created to be able to meet all types of income budgets.

Dot Mailer CONS

The only con when it comes to Dot Mailer is the fact that they do not really provide any background on their email marketing company. All of the pages that lead you to think that they are going to contact information about the company only contain general information.